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Self-check-in System

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Self-check-in System

COTELL Hotel self-check-in system brings you a new experience of checking in to a hotel without face scan.

The system can meet the following functions: rapid check-in, quick check-out, customized, VR viewing, face recognition, online payment and so on.

COTELL has developed two styles of self-service check-in machines for different needs of hotels, which can help hotels solve the following problems: tedious check-in and check-out procedures, high hotel labor costs, low work efficiency, easy customer turnover, lack of Internet operation thinking and so on.


Core strength:

1. Online booking: 20 seconds to check in or check out;

2. Identity authentication, face recognition, meet the requirements of public security management;

3. Reduce the burden of the hotel front desk, reduce the human cost, and make the guests say goodbye to the trouble of queuing;

4. The hotel interface is customized to improve the hotel level;

5. Real-time interaction with PMS system, seamless connection;

6. Support WeChat and Alipay to pay the fee;

7. Integrated invoicing function, WeChat scan code can be one-click invoicing.

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