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Smart Guestroom Control System

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Smart Guestroom Control System

COTELL Smart Guestroom Control System, fashion technology and energy saving, improve hotel occupancy rate, with lighting control, curtain control, WeChat door opening, music control, air conditioning control, scene mode and other functions, to help customers easily control room equipment, improve guest experience.

Guests can easily control room equipment through smart phone, tablets, TV sets, hotel intelligent robots, etc and can choose various scenarios such as reception mode, wake-up mode, sleep mode and so on.



Key card power control: With identification function, it is convenient for hotel management and setting the guest room status after card access.

Air conditioning control: while the guest is checking-in at the front desk, the room air condition can be pre-set remotely. Upon guest entering the room, the control can be controlled locally. When there is no guest in the room, the system will go on energy saving mode. Once the guest activate the sleep mode button, the room control will automatically turn onto sleep mode, putting all the active function into energy saving mode.

Curtain control: The curtain can be automatically opened or closed at a preset time to realize multi-point control.


To achieve efficient management of the hotel: COTELL smart guestroom control system to the hotel room status and information for centralized management, convenient monitoring and control, server operating system can adapt to a variety of platforms.

Reduce hotel operating costs: energy saving and environmental protection, through intelligent control effective energy saving can reach more than 30%.

Custom switch faceplate: COTELL smart guestroom control system can be matched to order different styles of room switch faceplate, using a common 86 bottom box, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient.

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